Rajasthan : Incredible State of India

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Rajasthan popularly known as the land of kings, is northern state of India that borders Pakistan. It is the largest state in India. Rajasthan is the land of deserts. Worldwide known for Thar Desert of The great Indian Desert. Rajasthan is the place the stuff of legends were made. Coming to Rajasthan is not taking a trip but discovering the world of legends themselves. Rajasthan truly makes you say India is an Incredible nation. Rajasthan has things so unique from, wells that have stairs to paradise in the middle of dessert to one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets.

Rajasthan is truly a wonder on earth, it has the old features of Indus valley civilization, temples, hill stations and also three tiger reserves. Rajasthan is like that rare flower you find on a single cactus in the desert. Rajasthan has one of the most beautiful capitals in this country, Jaipur, the pink city of India. Jaipur with its beautiful features wearing a dupatta (stroll) coloured pink, is also a wonder. Rajasthan is a magical experience in all. There are a lot of mysterious things in Rajasthan, that no one yet has figured out a lot of myths, a lot of legends and a lot of stories. Find Rajasthan’s Tour and Rajasthan packages here. Find the Best Rajasthan Desert Tours at Holiday bookie.



The name Rajasthan appears in many books written before the Britishers arrived. It is said that part of Rajasthan are major part, of the Indus Valley civilization as well as the Vedic civilization of India. Civilizations of India also has connections to Jaipur. The main Dynasty to rule Rajasthan were the  Gujjars, after them came the Arab invaders. Traditionally the tribes that existed were the Rajputs, Meenas , Minar, Vaders and saini. Bhils once ruled the major part of Rajasthan, after which came Hemu of the Hindu raj, after that came Maharana Pratap of Mewar and in the end Rajasthan was finally taken over by the Rajputs.

Modern Rajasthan has a very big influence of the Rajputs as well as the 19 princely states that combined to make the modern Rajasthan. Rajasthan’s former rich culture is the reason for today’s beautiful architect and cultural heritage that we get to experience. Even today many forts or palaces have a very old architectural look that represents the rich generation, that was here before us. The Thar Desert and Aravali Range runs throughout the state. Mount Abu, the beautiful hill station, lies Southwest in the end of this range. The north-west region of Rajasthan is very Sandy and dry. Most of it is covered by the desert. Not a lot of rains are received, as it comes under the rain shadow area. Jaipur is the gateway to all of these deserts. Find Rajasthan’s Tour and Rajasthan packages here. Find the Best Rajasthan Desert Tours here.

Even though half of Rajasthan is covered by the desert, it is still has a very  diverse flora and fauna. The natural vegetation here is called Thorn forest. The vegetation here are found in small clamps in specific areas as well big clamps. The desert National vegetation in Jaisalmer is very wide and a diverse vegetation, it shows a very ideal ecosystem. The Thar desert has a very wide biodiverse even though it is a desert. The Ranthambore national park is the finest tiger reserve in Rajasthan. This national park is very well known very well for its tiger population as well as their love for wildlife, even though after a time of negligence, which led to almost extinction of the tigers, the National Park picked up it’s act.

Rajasthan’s economy is a flourishing one, with its main focus on agriculture production of oilseed, sugarcane and pulse. Its major cash crops are cotton and tobacco. The water for these productions come from wells and canals. The main areas of produce for money are agricultural and as well as textile. It is also the second largest producer of polyester. Most of chemical and engineering companies are based in Kota, Rajasthan. The Taj Mahal was built with the marble came from Makrana. The Rajasthan has a very flourishing crude oil. It has a vast production  limestone. Rajasthan also produces a lot of barley.

Rajasthan has a very rich and diverse culture. The city has an aura of vivid diversities. Majority of the culture is predominantly influenced by the post war conditions. The artistic minds of the world have something to look out, as the city is enticed with traditional colourful art. The block prints, tie and dye prints, handicraft items like wooden furniture and crafts, carpets, and blue pottery are commonly adding up to the experience. Lengha and Choli is famous worldwide in Rajasthan, they’re very famous for the  extravagant colour. Coming to Rajasthan is also gives you an amazing shopping satisfaction. The aura is also very fulfilling.Find Rajasthan’s Tour and Rajasthan packages here. Holiday bookie offers the Best Rajasthan Desert Tours .


Places to visit in Rajasthan


  1. Jaipur


The beautiful Pink capital city of Rajasthan gives you an thrill of your lifetime. The city that’s bathed in pink has forts, statues, food, shopping and is the Rajasthan of your dreams. The Hawa Mahal, city fort, Amer fort, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal are to absolutely die for. With the three wheeled Tum Tum to hand driven carts, Jaipur is the place to go. Jaipur has a very royal influence to it which makes you feel like kings and queens when you enter this heaven of pure royal treatments, views, gardens, delicacy and vibe. Jaipur is the place to go when you are tired from your life and just need a good long break, in royal feels of this place. There is also the Man Sangar Lake which is an heavenly view of blue in whole lot of pink.


  1. Johdpur


The Grand city of the magnificus Thar desert is a place you can’t hope to miss. The city is also world wide known as the Sun City, is always bright and shiny. It feels like all the royal forts, gardens and squares are coated with luxurious gold. The second largest city in Rajasthan after Jaipur is a treat in your life. The Mandore Gardens,Kaylana Lake, Shastri Circle, Masuria Hill Garden, Science Park, Ummed Garden, Chokelav Baag and  Machiya Safari Park are all a sight to die for and experience you won’t miss. The city standing on a rocky ground with walled exteriors looks luminous and beautiful. Find Rajasthan’s Tour and Rajasthan packages here. Find the Best Rajasthan Desert Tours here.


  1. Jaisalmer


Jaisalmer of The Golden city lies in the very center and heart of the Thar desert, Jaisalmer stays in heart and soul of people who visit, very popularly known for its desert safaris, can outloud tell you is the best experience in whole of this land. The whole of the skies of this Golden city is covered with Jaisalmer Fort that stands tall and elegant with great taste. Jaisalmer is filled with places that have rich cultural value about them and a rich interior. There are also a lot of temples, predominantly Jain temples. Some of the temples have great stories and teach us not to be guilty with legends behind them. Some temples are said to still leek Ghee, the locals think, as that was used to make these beautiful temples with amazing carvings on them.    


  1. Dholpur


Dholpur is old and forgotten city of old architecture reeks of gold. This city that lies east of this state has a lot to offer. Major forts sided with lakes, palaces that stand tall has an amazing structure about it which is refreshing. Dholpur is the place to go and unwind. Come to this beautiful land for an amazing experience that makes you take a moment out of your busy life and just breathe. Dholpur is an truly amazing city. Rajasthan Tours and Rajasthan Packages made with care here. Find the Best Rajasthan Desert Tours here.


  1. Ajmer


Ajmer is one the classic cities of Rajasthan. The city has beautiful lakes and shrines that make you swoon as well as drool. The artificial Ana Sagar lake in Ajmer is truly beautiful with the beautiful shrines of saints around this place. There a lot of interesting museums, that always fills up your time as well as your hearts. This beautiful state has a very vast experience waiting to happen just for you. The state of Rajasthan Is said to give you very different experience to all its comers. To some Rajasthan’s remembered by its food, sometimes by its palaces, sometimes lakes and sometimes the royal treatment, if you are extremely lucky sometimes it’s the people with whom you fall in love with. Make one of your own.


  1. Chittorgarh


Chittorgarh is that beautiful city that lies on banks of this beautiful and blue river. It stands tall like a vision out of a book. Chittorgarh is a place that cannot even be imagined in a dream.The Fort is tall, majestic and beautiful which was homed by a lot of great warriors. Then the Kalika Mata temple is  sight to see and a must visit here. The tower of fame stands tall and graceful tells a whole about the overall culture of Rajasthan. All in all Chittorgarh is a must visit when in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Tours and Rajasthan Packages made with care here. Find the Best Rajasthan Desert Tours here.


  1. Pushkar


Pushkar is beautiful lake town in Rajasthan with the only Brahma temple in India. Very famously worldwide known for its Pushkar Book fairs, which is attended by many scholars makes this place a point of interest. Located in Thar desert it has tons of temple from which 14th century Brahma temple being the most one. It is said Brahma the God of creations is said to be the God pilgrimage and also has a very few temples as he was cursed. Pushkar is place where people come to cleanse their heart and soul.


  1. Bikaner


One of the most famous states in Rajasthan has to be Bikaner. The name is very popularly know as a Bikaner is also a famous sweet and treat shop all around India, named after this historic and beautiful place. The 16th century Junagarh fort  is what Bikaner is very famous for as well as the long and fulfilling desert tours. Bikaner is worthwhile to visit and also should be on the top of your list of Places to see in Rajasthan.Also the very famous Karni Temple is filled with rats as they are worshiped there. Rajasthan Tours and Rajasthan Packages made with care here. Find the Best Rajasthan Desert Tours here.


  1. Mount Abu


Mount Abu is situated in the Aravalli range and is a very popular hill station of Rajasthan. It has mesmerizing spots and various stories related to it. The temperatures can drop really low in the night to don’t forget to carry your heavy clothes. Nakki lake is a very popular and beautiful lake. A boat ride in this lake will let away all your stress. Then there is the Dilwara temple, which is of high religious significance and is also magnificent in its look. Coming to Mount Abu is whole package of happy holiday combined.


  1. Udaipur


Udaipur is the beautiful Land of Lake Udaipur is the most entrancing land in Rajasthan and also know as the Kashmir of Rajasthan. Sided by the blue lakes of Pichola, you will never ever be willing to go anywhere else once you come to Udaipur. It is most romantic spot in the east. Udaipur’s boat rides, shopping, palace experience and live art scene will never make you want to leave. Rajasthan Tours and Rajasthan Packages made with care here. Find the Best Rajasthan Desert Tours here.


Rajasthan truly provides a great experience. India is truly Incredible for a extreme diverse state like Rajasthan. This place is the stuff that legends talk about. The most shot about state. It has a so many stories and mysteries that you will find a new one everyday. Come to this dream and find your own journey. Rajasthan is truly a magical state with its extreme deserts, coloured city’s, lakes, palaces, royal treatment and people. You will absolutely bring back the best memories, a promise we make and are sure to keep.   

Language: Marwari is the most spoken Rajasthani language. Though, Hindi is generally used.

Religion: Rajasthanis are predominantly Hindu, Muslims and Jains. However, regardless of their religious segments, Muslim, Hindu and Jain Rajasthanis mingle with each other socially.

Best time to visit: November to March

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