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Maharashtra literally means the “Great State” or “Great Nation”. The name is supposed to have been originated perchance from the word Rathi, which means “Chariot driver” and “builders of chariot” who were called as “Maharathis” or “Fighting Force”.

State is well-known for its miraculous natural beauty and rich cultural legacy, Maharashtra is one of the most developed states of India. Maharashtra tourism offers almost the whole thing from its pristine beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations, natural caves, waterfalls, to imposing forts, colorful festivals, ancient pilgrimage shrines, museums, and historical monuments that draw large number of travellers.

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 Maharashtra Holiday Packages

Maharashtra is India’s one of the biggest state and widely known for its capital Mumbai. It is also very well known for its Film Industry – Bollywood. It has a big sites like Gateway of India, Caves in Elephanta Island and at Ajanta Ellora Caves and the famous CST terminus. It is India’s most populous state and is the third largest in the country, area wise. There are 200 million inhabitants or more in the state. Nagpur the second largest city and is popularly known as Orange city in Maharashtra,is also worldwide known also for being the centre most point of India. Many people do not know that summer capital of Maharashtra is Mumbai and the winter capital is Nagpur.

Maharashtra is state in India with the highest GDP and one of the most developed state in the country. Bombay was the name of the capital initially which later changed to Mumbai . Godavari and Krishna are the major rivers in Maharashtra.Before the great state of Maharashtra was ruled by the Maharta and the Mughals, lastly conquered by the British. ruins of Thomson monuments and forwards are still left in the state by the rulers. There are a lot of Live article of Shivaji Maharaj in this magnanimous state. Ajanta and Ellora caves are also a world Heritage site. Find exclusive Maharashtra Tour Packages and Maharashtra Holiday packages from holidaybookie.

The language of the state of Maharashtra is Marathi that comes from the Maharashtri Prakrit. The name of the state comes from the Sanskrit word. The British said that the Marathas would take back all the land taken by the British,proving that even then Maharashtra was a very powerful state. The British also helped to reform the state for a better future. It lies in the western and central part of this country and has a 720 km coastline. Maharashtra has a coastline called the Konkan . The  Western Ghats features it’s highest peak point in Nasik. Major part of Maharashtra’s forestry are also located in these parts as well as the main rivers. It also has a noteworthy 1821 dams.

Maharashtra is also divided into five geographical areas. Maharashtra typically has a monsoon climate, as well as a cold and cool weather. It is never too hot or too cold in this state and is very perfect for travelers. The weather is cold from January to February, it is summer in May till March and rains from June to September. Maharashtra get a lot of rainfall which mainly makes, the capital of this state to close down. Maharashtra has the best climate and is perfect for any kind of travellers. Find exclusive Maharashtra Tour Packages and Maharashtra Holiday packages from holidaybookie.


Maharashtra is an extreme biodiverse is state. it has the three main public institution of forestry.Most of the regions of Nagpur, Bhandara, Chandrapur and Playa has all the forests. These forests receive low rainfall and very less humidity. Some of the forests are named wildlife reserve’s, to save their vast biodiversity from outside forces. The state known for its avifauna has 3 game reserves and has a lot of parks and sanctuaries as well. The 6 tiger reserves enhances the biodiversity of this state. The most common animals found here are tigers, panthers, leopards,sloths, deer, bull, jungle cats, hyena and hare. Other animals include lizard, cobras and levants. It has a huge variety of plants and trees as well.


Maharashtrian culture has a vast range of dishes, that vary from extremely spicy to bland. Jowar, bajra, lentils and fruits are the basic foods eaten here. In Maharashtra, thalis are very famous. In some houses of this state, Thanksgiving is said before the food is consumed. The people here eat a lot of seafood and coconut. The staple food of the people who live here is bhaji, bhaji is necessary in all kinds of food consumed here as a main core of the ingredient. Even rassa is a very famous curry like substance consumed here. The people add fresh coconut in all their cooking’s here. Among seafood bombil or Bombay Duck is a very famous fish consumed with love in this state.

Marathi women commonly wear Sari, which suits according to their tradition. Most of the young women here wear a fusion of urban, western and traditional clothing combined making a beautiful combination. Western outfits like skirts and short dresses are worn openly and freely here. They also pair them with lugade or salwar kameez. Older women wear a 5 yard saree in special occasions like marriage or festivals. Men wear dhoti traditionally, but as the culture is very open minded and fast tracked, urban outfits are seen in majority, worn by the men. Clothing is extremely casual here. Find exclusive Maharashtra Tour Packages and Maharashtra Holiday packages from holidaybookie.

Top Must see places in Maharashtra

  1. Aurangabad

Aurangabad is very popularly know as the travel hub of Maharashtra. It has the world famous Ajanta and Ellora caves which are a UNESCO world heritage site. It has a Shivaji Maharaj Museum which is dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj and gives a brief input to his life and his ways. The beautiful caves have an aura about them that leaves people in awe of their surroundings. It has a lot of ancient rocks and ancient paintings that attract tourists from around the world. There is a daulatabad fort which is very famous. Bibi ka Maqbara seems to be a very brilliant replica of Taj Mahal. You also have to visit Chand Minar here. Thus, the extreme beauty of this place is unforgettable. Find exclusive Maharashtra Tour Packages and Maharashtra Holiday packages from holidaybookie.

  1. Mumbai

Not a very heavy description of this place is needed to be provide. Mumbai is the Queen of India. It has the world famous Bollywood Industry here. Almost all the famous film stars reside in Mumbai. It has the very beautiful Gateway of India standing against the green waters of the sea, Marine Drive facing the endless ocean, The CST station that is a marvel of the British Architecture, then the Holy Temple of Maha Laxmi, Haji Ali, Mumbadevi, Siddhivinayak Temple are all at marvel. The time is always right to travel to this beautiful place. The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is a very good time to come to this city as well as when the Kala Ghoda Art festival is put up. Wound up at a random cafe on a beautiful street of Bandra and you may never know that you may see Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan passing your way.

  1. Pune

Pune is the second largest City in Maharashtra after Mumbai. Pune is known as “Oxford of the East” because of the various educational institutions here, that people from around the world come to study in. It is an educational hub of India. Pune has the Sinhagad Fort as a memorial, the fort is very mysterious and enhances us to look for more, it also has a Kali Temple. It also has Shaniwar Wada Fort with an beautiful, huge and majestic gate. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park is one that you will not miss coming here. Pune is very famous for its nightlife and clubs as well. People from all round the country go to Pune to experience nightlife at its best forms here. The food is also very delicious in Pune and will definitely suit your palette. Find exclusive Maharashtra Tour Packages and Maharashtra Holiday packages from holidaybookie.

  1. Mahableshwar

Mahabaleshwar is one of the top hill stations in Maharashtra. It is in the beautiful valley of the western Ghats.This Hill station is also very well-known for the fruit Strawberry. Mahabaleshwar is also known for its lake view. It has Venna lake, that is ideal tourist spot for a day picnic. The hill station is widely famous for its view over a lake called The Wilson Point of Sunrise. Seasonally the hill station gets filled up with waterfalls every where, lingmala waterfall being one of the famous one. Once you visit this humble hill station, you would end up trying to live here forever. Mahabaleshwar is truly one of the sights in Maharashtra, you could find god on earth here and is a must visit. Find exclusive Maharashtra Tour Packages and Maharashtra Holiday packages from holidaybookie.

  1. Lonavala

Lonavala it is extremely close to Mumbai and is a 2 hour drive. It is the hill station and also a chill spot for all the people. There is a spot here called Tiger Point, which is high above the highway and will give you shrills. The best time to visit Lonavala is the Monsoon and winter. It has a lot of restaurants and worthwhile picnic spot for your weekends. Find exclusive Maharashtra Tour Packages and Maharashtra Holiday packages from holidaybookie.

  1. Nagpur

Nagpur, also known as the orange city, is the winter capital of Maharashtra. There is a lot to do and explore in Nagpur like the Kamthi where you can see the buddhist stupa as well as the dragon palace. Situated in the heart of the tiger belt, Nagpur has four beautiful National Park and thirteen wildlife sanctuaries. One of the most famous temple is one of Ram which is situated in the beautiful hills of Ramtek. Ramtek is east to Manesar and around 7 km away. Best time to visit Nagpur might be, monsoon and winter. Nagpur has a beautiful zoo you wouldn’t dare to miss.

  1. Matheran

Matheran is also one of the hill stations situated in the state of Maharashtra. It comes under Raigad District. It lies about 800 m above the sea level in the lovely Western Ghats of this state. Matheran means forest on the forehead. It also the hill station in Asia without any automobile. One of the point to see in Matheran is The Panorama Point which gives us a 360 degree view of the whole place and also the Neral Town. There is Prabal fort, which is extremely beautiful. There are a lot of other points as well. There are 2 lakes in Matheran. If you want to go trekking, then Matheran also provides that. Find exclusive Maharashtra Tour Packages and Maharashtra Holiday packages from holidaybookie.

  1. Nashik

Nashik is the holy city of Maharashtra, as it has links to the Ramayana. It is famous all around the world for its agricultural production of grapes. There are a lot of vineyards in Nashik. Nashik is situated in the foots of the Western Ghats. One of Maharashtra’s biggest river Godavari is in Nashik. Panchawati that has a major mention in the Ramayana and is situated in the banks of Godavari river. It also has a beautiful temple called Kalaram Temple, which is a major pilgrimage site. Also Ramkund is the holy tank in which Ram bathed. Muktidham Temple also in Nashik is also one of the biggest pilgrimage site.

  1. Alibag

Alibag or Alibaug is the representative of Goa in Maharashtra. This little town, has sea, all the beauty and all the best restaurants. One of the main point of interest is The Alibaug Beach, which is very clean. There is also Alibaug Fort, which is worth a mention. Varsoli beach is also one of the main beaches. Akshi Beach is one the most famous Beach, as it used a lot in films, adds, serials etc. Alibag is a must visit in Maharashtra and you cannot miss this amazing place. Find exclusive Maharashtra Tour Packages and Maharashtra Holiday packages from holidaybookie.

  1. Shirdi

Shirdi is one of the most religious place in Maharashtra. People come from all round the world to come visit the Big Temple of Sai Baba. This holy temple is said to cleanse the soul of all its visitors. Shirdi is an extremely religious spot, people wait for hours in the temple’s lines to meet the Sai Baba.

Maharashtra is one of the states that is must visit. For all the Bollywood lovers, to the sea lovers, to the religious one to the fun loving one. Visit Maharashtra least once in a lifetime to explore this huge populous state in its best.

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