Kerala better known as God’s own country, is one state in India that you must go . Kerala looks as heavenly as we would imagine Eden Gardens to look. Kerala started from being to the world’s most prominent spice exporter to having the highest literacy rate of an state in India. Around 15th century, Kerala then known as Keralam attracted the Portuguese from its spice export which later led to European Colonialism. Kerala gets many beautiful features of its from the Portuguese. Kerala’s natural beauty is entrancing to the eye and makes the heart melt. Facing the Lakshwadeep Sea, Kerala feels covered in deep blue skies and deep blue seas.

Kerala’s another nickname come from the translation of its own name which is, Coconut Island or Land of Coconuts. Nothing can be more famous in this state other than its coconut and spice. You can find Kerala’s historical name in the mentions of our great epic Mahabharata and Ramayana. According to old hindu texts Kerala was recovered from the sea by the great lord Vishnu. Parasurama, the sixth version of God Vishnu, who is said to have got, the now the land of Kerala, out of the sea by launching his arrow in the sea. As far as he threw his arrow in the sea, the land rose from within the sea and formed this land. The epic further continues. It is said that land was then infertile for life and then Snake God spit its holy venom to make Kerala the most fertile land. It is said that even now Kerala is protected by the Snake God. Find out Kerala Tour Packages, Kerala holiday packages from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune here.


Kerala’s Animal- The India Elephant

Kerala’s Bird- Great Hornbill

Kerala’s Fish- Pearl Spot

Kerala’s Flower- Golden Shower Tree

Kerala’s Tree- Coconut Tree

Kerala From Geographical Point

Kerala lies in a comfortable spot between lakshadweep sea and Western Ghats. Kerala has a hot and humid type of climate due to its equatorial positioning as well as due to its coastline. Kerala has a 590 km coastline. Due to its being under the sea, it is rich in Marine fossil. A blunderous flood way back in history has said to shape the terrain of Kerala as it is now. Kerala further lies in the rain shadow area of the western ghats. The land of Gods has 44 rivers with an average length of about 64 Km.

The climate in Kerala is wet and very influenced by the seasonal heavy rains of both the summer and winter monsoons. Kerala has around 150 days of rain in a year. Most of the rainfall occurs around June to August. Due to the pressure patents, Kerala receives a lot of moisture in its environment due to the heavy clouds coming from the The Bay of Bengal. During the summer Kerala experience drought, cyclonic winds, few downpours and an occasional rise in the sea level. Find out Kerala Tour Packages, Kerala holiday packages from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune.



Kerala is an extremely biodiverse state. Majority of its diversity lies in the western ghats. 15,000 of India’s plant species are found in kerala. The world’s oldest teak plantation’ is in Nilambur, Kerala. Kerala has extremely thick and dense forestry. It has lakes, rivers, backwaters (Keralas Backwater Trips available here.Find out Kerala Tour Packages) and a very big variety of flora.

Kerala has a huge fauna as well with over 110 species of mammals, 500 species of birds, 189 freshwater fishes and more about 173 species of reptiles. Kerala is extremely rich with about every aspect of flora and fauna. Kerala has a lot of different animals as well like elephant, Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, Nilgiri tahr, grizzled giant squirrels etc. Kerala has different varieties of all kinds of animals that is a must see for all the tourists. Find out Kerala Tour Packages, Kerala holiday packages from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune here.

Culture Of Kerala

The culture of Kerala is a synthesis of a lot of other cultures and it is maintained and sustained by the Malayali people. The culture is a mixture of Aryan and Dravidian culture.  In Kerala, culture is made by a lot of mixture of overall Indian culture as well as the foreign, that is-European and British culture. Even though Kerala is very advanced in lifestyle, art, language, education, architecture and social institutions, it is very well affected and influenced by every part of the Indian culture. About 10,000 festivals are celebrated in Kerala according to the Malayalam calendar. Many of the temples of Kerala hold majority of these festivals, which consists,mainly hoisting a holy flat on the day of these festivals and then bringing it down in the end.

Festivals In Kerala are a lot of fun, some festivals have Poonam, which mainly is characterised by decorated elephants,fireworks, huge crowds and food. Temples that can very easily afford the festive, always have a heavily and beautifully decorated elephant as a part of their festival. The idols of Gods from the temple are taken out and around the countryside on this festival, seated on these beautifully decorated elephants. When the idol returns home after its long journey it is showered with food, coconut, flowers and other offerings Onam is one such big festival that is celebrated in Kerala. Find out Kerala Tour Packages, Kerala holiday packages from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune here.

Kerala is home to a numerous amount of diverse performing arts. Dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Krishnanattam is originated from the temples of Kerala during the period of Royal household. Furthermore Kerala has a big contribution to classical music. The music of Kerala now has a rich and heavy influence of cultural value. Carnatic music dominates the traditional music spear in Kerala with also raga-based music. Kerala has a huge niche for cinema, as they are very social people. A lot of big actors who have done very good work in the industry are from Kerala.

Kerala’s cuisine is said to be one of the most delicious cuisine in the whole world. With a good mixture of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Food is dominated mainly by fish,meat and coconut. Coconut seems to be a very big ingredient in all the dishes. Seafood like prawns pomfret, surmai and sea shells are extremely favoured there. Whatever your food preference may be, Kerala will make sure to suffice you with it. Find out Kerala Tour Packages, Kerala holiday packages from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune here.


Kerala’s name pops up in the 50 must see destination and further National Geographical named Kerala to be one of the top ten paradise of the world. Around 2012 Kerala actually overtook Taj Mahal, as one of the most searched tourist destination in Google. Kerala is so loved by the tourist because of its backwaters, waterfalls, ports and beaches. In Kerala Ayurvedic tourism is very important. People go to Kerala to unwind and get soothing massages, filled with Indian olis. The backwaters of Kerala are a very important feature of the natural beauty, other one thing here that you cannot miss experiencing. Find out Kerala Tour Packages, Kerala holiday packages from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune here


Top Eight places to see in Kerala

  1. Kumarokom

Kumarakom is a beautiful village on the Vembanad Lake. it is situated on the backwaters of Kerala. In this town you can find canals with houseboats on them and  these houseboats are so beautiful that it will keep you mesmerized forever. This place has a mixture of many species and a beautiful view. It has a variety of exotic animal as well. Kumarakom is the literal real life paradise on earth. The backwaters are so beautiful that you would never want to leave. Find out Kerala Tour Packages, Kerala holiday packages from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune here. Customized Backwater Trips Kerala Available here.

  1. Alleppey

Alleppey is very famous for its backwaters, beaches and lagoons. It is like Venice in India. furthermore there are beautiful temples Ayurvedic spas and beans Cafe is here. Alleppey is worth a visit and is a place you wouldn’t dare not to visit in Kerala. Alleppey is best known for its natural beauty in Kerala. It has a very beautiful beach in which you could share a cup of coffee with your loved ones and look at the view till the sun goes down. Backwater in both Alleppey as well as Kumarakom have many different features and are both a visit worth place.

  1. Munnar

Munnar is South India’s one of the most beautiful hill station. It is situated in the Western Ghats 1,200 meters above the sea level. Munnar is very picturesque with acres and acres of its land filled with tea plantation. India’s finest tea come from Munnar. In Munnar you can get endlessly lost in the beautiful tea plantations. Munnar has the famous tea museum and is no less than one off the locations in a Bollywood movie. Munnar is the must visit and do not forget to carry your blazers and jackets. Find out Kerala Tour Packages, Kerala holiday packages from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune here.

  1. Wayanad

Wayanad is also one of the beautiful hill station is situated in Kerala. As far as your eyes can go, Wayanad is covered with greenery. Wayanad Hills carry a huge amount of wildlife. It’s always raining in this little hill station and has a beautiful climate. You can always rekindle a bit romance in this hill station. It is home to a lot of animals especially the Great Indian elephant. You can find beautiful Caves here. Wayanad is characterized by its Paddy fields.

  1. Kochi

Kochi also known as Cochin is a big city on the south coast of India. It is known as the Queen of Arabian Sea and is a very busy commercial part of this state. It is one of the biggest tourist spots in Kerala. Kochi city born out of the hands of European  has a splash of Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese culture,  which you have to visit to understand it all. The climate of Kochi is always hot and humid and the best time to visit it is in August and February. Kochi is a very busy city and is a Metropolitan that will grab your attention at the very first meet. Find out Kerala Tour Packages, Kerala holiday packages from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune here.

  1. Periyar National Park

This is just acres of greenery and wildlife. You can see the majestic elephants, tigers, deer’s and a beautiful water body. Coming to Kerala and missing this place is waste. You can go and just feel the beautiful serenity, you will lose yourself in beautiful flora and fauna here. You will not remember normal life after visiting this beautiful national park. The extreme diverse mammals, reptiles and fish.

  1. Guyuvayoor

You can find the holy Guruvayur  Sree Vishnu Temple, the fourth largest temple in terms of the number of devotees visiting per day. The beautiful temples enchanted aurora will make you sit here and just feel the atmosphere. You have to come here and meet the Little Krishna. The Idol faces east and is 4 feet tall. Further, this town has a Elephant sanctuary, that will leave you feeling happy and gleeful. Find out Kerala Tour Packages, Kerala holiday packages from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune here.

  1. Athirapally

Athirapally is famous for its huge Waterfall. The waterfall is 1000 ft above the sea level. Water falling from a 80 ft. will make you experience heaven. There are a lot of endangered animals here that are at sight if you’re lucky. There is a jungle safari that is a must visit too. Do not miss the falls and the safari, people come from all round the world to come see this place. Find out Kerala Tour Packages, Kerala holiday packages from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune here.

Kerala Holiday Packages And Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala is that part of India that you must visit. It doesn’t matter if you are a foreign tourist or Indian. Kerala is the best choice for Honeymoon. It has beautiful beaches, natural beauty, hill station, boat houses on beautiful rivers and lakes and the iconic backwaters. Kerala is a beautiful state where you yourself can feel God’s warmth surrounding you. Kerala is so beautiful that it is a gem that  you need to cherish and an experience that you need to feel. Kerala promises to give you a journey of a lifetime and you will always want to keep coming back for more and more and more.

No matter where you go in Kerala, the beautiful sunny beaches or the hills or the backwaters you feel right at home as the people are so warm and the culture is so open minded and loving. Kerala is a place that you must go as, a visit in this heaven entrances the heart and makes sure to leave a very special place in your heart. It is South India’s most beautiful and scenic state. Going to Kerala brings peace and serenity in your heart. It fills your body with joy uncontrollably extravagant.

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