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Jammu & Kashmir

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Jammu & Kashmir is the jeweled crown of India with extravagant beauty of Himalayas. RajTaringini, the chronology of the Kashmir Kings written by Kalhana eulogises the beauty of Kashmir as “Kasmira Parvati Paroksh; Tat Swami ch Maheswara”. Meaning Kashmir is as beautiful as Goddess Parvati manifest and its owner is Lord Shiva Himself. The Mughal Emperor exclaimed “Gar Bar-ru-e-Zamin Ast; Hamin Ast, Hamin Ast Hamin Asto. Meaning if there is paradise on this earth: This is it, this is it, this is it. Jammu and Kashmir presents the distinction of multifaceted, variegated and unique cultural blend.


Jammu and Kashmir Holiday Packages

  Jammu Kashmir better known as J&K or heaven on earth. J&K is situated in the beautiful backdrop of the Himalayas. It borders with Himachal and punjab. Srinagar is the summer capital and Jammu is the winner capital of this state. Jammu and Kashmir consist of three main areas, that is, Jammu, The Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie.Ladakh in Kashmir is also known as little tiger and has a beautiful Buddhist culture and beauty. Tourism is one of the main industry in Kashmir. Kashmir is so beautiful that it makes people from all around the world to come and explore this beauty. Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.



Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and scenic beauty’s of India. There isn’t a more beautiful state than Kashmir in India. The valleys, trees, mountains, hills, lakes and overall environment is an exotic scenery, untouched by any part of the world. Kashmir is so beautiful that still two countries fight over it. Kashmir has a unique feature that you can’t find anywhere else.Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie. Like the famous Pashmina shawl, Kashmir is like that beautiful shawl, so beautiful, delicate and untouched. Kashmir is the one place you can’t miss in your lifetime. Jammu and Kashmir is a vision from the heavens itself.  Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.




Kashmir has had a rough history and still is a pretty rough conditions, is something that everyone knows about. The first ruler of Kashmir was Maharaja Hari Singh, who took over this valley because of the British. With the Independence of India, British gave over the decision to Kashmir, to choose between India and Pakistan. The majority of people in Kashmir were Muslim and thus it was thought that it would join Pakistan but also the Governing party in Kashmir was secular and use to relate to Indian National Congress Party and so it was thought that Kashmir would join India, Kashmir had a pretty tough decision. Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie. While taking time to make this decision, Pakistan was ready to attack Kashmir and then the Maharaj took a decision to take help from India and declared it to be a part of India. This has been a long standing argument in which UN has interfered a lot of times but alas to any decision. Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.


Jammu and Kashmir is home to several beautiful valleys. Some of these are the Kashmir Valley, Tawi Valley, Chenab Valley, Poonch Valley, Sind Valley and Lidder Valley. The most important valley in Kashmir is 100 km wide in area. The Himalayas cut a line between Kashmir valley and Ladakh. Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie. The whole state is very high and low elevated at a whole thu having a very diverse biography and has a lot of biodiversity. From thor scrub forest to subtropical pine forest, all kinds of Environmental ecology is found in Kashmir. The Himalayan broadLeaf forest is very commonly seen in every valley. The north east of the state is covered in karakoram- West Tibetan alpine steppes.  Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.



Ladakh is extremely famous for its culture which is a mix of both India and Tibetan influence. Chanting, weaving, architecture and archery is an important part of the culture in Kashmir. Ladakhi food is also more influenced by Tibetan culture than Indian. The Dhumal is a famous dance performanced here in Kashmir, it is only performed by men. The women perform Rouff which is also a form of traditional dance. Kashmir is very widely known for its art and literature. Shikaras, carpets, shawls and wooden boats are a trademark attribute of Kashmir. Kashmir has a famous Dogra Culture, It is very much influenced by Punjabs as well as all the festivals celebrated are Punjabi.Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie. Kawa, is a traditional spicy tea found and drank here in Kashmir. Most of the buildings have an influence of India, Islamic and Tibetan culture. Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.


Places to look out for in Kashmir




               Srinagar is the beautiful capital of the valley of Kashmir. It is the most biggest city in Kashmir and lies of the bank of Jhelum river. The city famous for Handicrafts, Gardens, Waterfronts, lakes and Shikaras never fail to surprise you. Srinagar is worldwide known for its Handloom and dried fruits. The famous Dal lake is in Srinagar.Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie. The lake is so beautiful that it makes you in envy of this city. Shimla and Nishat Bagh is extremely beautiful. There are only two place you can see Tulips in India and one of them is in Kashmir The Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is breathtaking and is one place you wouldn’t miss in Kashmir. Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.





                  Gulmarg is that beautiful town that is always covered in snow. It is a very popularly skiing destination. Situated in the beautiful Himalayas, Gulmarg is vision. Gulmarg is extremely beautiful and has an amazing scenery. Gulmarg has an exotic beautiful hard to not see and is perfect for all the nature lovers. Khilanmarg is an location that you will have to see in Gulmarg.Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie. Gulmarg has been a major shooting spot by the Bollywood Industry and many famous movies have been shot there. Gulmarg has the world’s highest Golf Course in the world. Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.





                 Sonmarg or the Meadow of Gold is a beautiful hill station in Kashmir. It is literally as pretty as a picture. It has the beautiful surroundings of snow cladded mountains. The Thajiwas Glaciers in Sonamarg is a sight where you can see so much snow and beautiful mountains that will give you a full view of the picturesque Kashmir. Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie. The Vishansar Lake is also very alluring and pretty. White River Rafting is also a  great example of all the amazing things to do in Sonamarg. The Nilagrad River is also very beautiful and a must see. You can get a great trekking experience in Sonamarg. Sonamarg is actually a Gold Valley. Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.





             Leh is an extremely alluring and beautiful valley in Kashmir. Leh has an extremely diverse geographic places. Leh has a cold desert, forest, lake and mountains. Leh has the beautiful Pangong Lake that is so blue that even the sky falls short. Camping in the Pangong lake is a once in a lifetime experience. Leh has a lot of monastery and a lot of palaces the major influence being the Buddhist / Tibetan culture. Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie. Leh is a place you wouldn’t miss in your lifetime. It also has thrilling river rafting in the Sanskar River, which is one of the two male rivers in Leh. Leh is the one place you should go and visit. Hemis also a beautiful town in Ladakh and has a mind blowing National Park, which is filled with extreme biodiverse trees as well as animals. If you’re going to Ladakh make sure that you visit the beautiful National Park here. Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.





              Kupwara is a beautiful town in Kashmir famous for Bungus Valley and Lolab Valley. Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie. Mountains like Shambasri and Nastachun and Dajaloujun are very beautiful and is a very interesting tourist spot. Gushi Village and Karen are such appalling places that they attract you here. A lot of people from all round the world come to Kashmir to experience the beautiful valley. Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.




               Kathua is a beautiful Kashmir District. The word Kathua comes from Dongri language that means scorpions. The name is also said to derive from Rishi Kashyap or strong meditation. Rishi Kashyap is said to have disguised himself as a tortoise. Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie. Kathua is one of the most beautiful districts in Kashmir and has many famous sights like Bani, Panyalag Chandel, Sarthal, Duggan and Bansal. Kathua is a must place to go. Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.





           Kargil Beautiful town in Kashmir and is the second largest after Ladakh. Kargil is the beautiful town where the disastrous Kargil war happened. You can find beautiful memorial here. The Zanskar is a town that is situated in Kargil and has a lot of activities like river rafting, sightseeing and tracking. Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie. It also has a beautiful mountain ranges. The highest peak are in this Range. Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.


 Kashmir is extremely beautiful and a must go to place. Kashmir’s valleys are unforgettable and leaves an impact l. Sometimes you just have to go for a run away and peaceful journey, then Kashmir is the place for you. Experience Kashmir with HolidayBookie.To enjoy with your full family and just live out for some days in the beautiful valley. It will make your heart flow and your mind calm. Kashmir is truly beautiful and also a mind blowing adventure which I am sure you wouldn’t ever miss. Find out Kashmir packages and Leh, Ladakh holiday packages from here.

Language: The languages of state administration are Urdu And hindi.

Religion: 62.55% of population is Hindus. 33.45% of population is Muslim Ans Sikhs And Other Religions.

Must Visit Places: Srinagar: Nature at its Best!, Gulmarg: For An Adventurous Journey, Adventure Enthusiasts Haven, Skier’s paradise, Sonamarg: The Expanse Of Exemplary Beauty, Leh: The Land of Pure Adventure, Kupwara: The Crown of Kashmir, Kathua: The city of Sufis, Kargil: The unforgettable City, Pahalgam: Freshness Overload, Hemis : The Region Of Rarity.

Best time to Visit: September to April.

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