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Goa Tourism hub of nation is called tenderly by an assortment of names such as “Rome of East” or “Pearl of the Orient” which pertinently describes its discernment in the eyes of an international tourist. The smallest state in India in terms of area and 4th smallest in terms of population, Goan citizens greets each of its tourist with open arms to its land of sun, sand, temple, churches, forts and beaches.

Sun and Sand have always lined & supported the thriving green paddy fields and enlivening adventure activities of Goa. Plenty of domestic and international tourists every year flood the coastal areas of Goa, to have the finest time of their life.


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Goa Holiday Packages

         Goa is the beautiful coastal state of India in Kokan. It borders Maharashtra and Karnataka and faces towards the very beautiful and majestic Arabian Sea. Goa is a tourist and paradise and literally read as a heaven in India. Goa is India’s smallest state and has the fourth least population in India. Goa is the state to have one of the highest GDP. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. Panji is the alluring capital of Goa and Vasco Da Gama is the biggest city in Goa. Goa is divided in two by the tourist South and North Goa. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.


Goa has rich history as it was concurred by the Portuguese and the Dutch. A lot of the local culture still has a portuguese hint in it. A lot of the monuments and architecture has Portuguese infusion. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. Goa has a lot of beautiful churches and old monuments which are a delight to go and explore. Goa is visited by a lot of foreign tourists who love the beaches and attracted to the delightful culture of Goa. Goa has an amazing environment that is very open and accepting, it is a safe heaven for the all the souls out there. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.






Goa has been a Portuguese Territory for over 450 years, thus giving it an amazing fusion of Indian and western culture mix. Just look at the diverse set of festivals that Goa celebrates (Prominent local festivals) are Christmas, Easter, Carnival, Diwali, Shigmo, Chavoth, Samvatsar Padvo, Dasara and many more. Goa has a blend of many kinds culture and preferences as well as traditions. Some of the art forms in Goa are are Dekhnni, Fugdi, Corridinho, Mando, Dulpod and Fado. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. The term that Goans are born with Dance and Music in their blood is very true and accurate. The music that people listen to here is in Hindi, Kannadi, English and Portuguese language and is enjoyed by all kind of people the local as well as the foreigners. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.


The food is very poetic in Goa. The food is dominated by seafood due to coastal surroundings. The food had a very high influence of coconut in it. Fish and rice is very famous. If your a non vegetarian or a vegetarian Goa is the food paradise for you, satisfying all kinds of taste palette. Goa has also a hint of Portuguese influence in its food. Goan food is also divided in Goan Catholic and Goan Hindu food. The food here is mouth watering and definitely something to look up to in your trip to Goa. Feni as well is a beverage very famous in Goa. Feni grows wild in Goa and has a lot of health benefits. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. Cashew is also extremely famous and good quality here. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.


Goa has Konkani theater which is very famous here. It is made in Konkani Language and is shared by a couple of states.Some Konkani films are Sukhachem Sopon, Amchem Noxib, Nirmonn, Mhoji Ghorkarn, Kortubancho Sonvsar, Jivit Amchem Oxem, Mog ani Moipas, Bhuierantlo Munis, Suzanne, Boglantt, Padri and Bhogsonne. Even a lot of Bollywood movies like- Love you Zindagi, Jane tu ya Jane na and many more good films. The view of the beaches and nature is perfect. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. Also a pot of the monuments are used in the production of these films. Goa is a blend of Indian, Islamic and Portuguese culture that makes this tiny state so much more exciting. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.




 Places to visit in Goa




Agonda is a beautiful village in South Goa and has extremely beautiful beach. It has clear blonde sand and is rarely visited by tourists. It has amazing resorts and restaurants. It has huts facing the sea. Agonda has a beautiful church, which has mass on every sunday. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. The Butterfly beach of Agonda is very famous and swimming in the blue clear water all day is the perfect day trip in Goa. Agonda is a very Peaceful and nice little beach in Goa. It is the best place to go for a little peace and quiet. The beach in Agonda is very famous for being extremely clean and beautiful and thus attracts the niche tourists. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.





       Dudhsagar is a huge waterfall in Goa. It is located on the border of Maharashtra and Goa. The name literally translates to Sea of milk. The majestic waterfall look like gallons and gallons of milk being poured down into the valley. The name given to this waterfall is very accurate and right. Dudhsagar so beautiful that people from all around the country come to see this waterfall. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. It is one of the prominent waterfalls of India. The best time to go see this waterfall is during the monsoon season. The view is so beautiful that it leave some people in awe. This is the one place you have to visit when you come to Goa and is recommended by everyone who has seen this waterfall. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.




     Calangute is one of the most major beaches in Goa. It is extremely commercial and is visited by a lot of tourist throughout the year. It has a lot of beautiful restaurants and a lot of resort as well. Calangute has a wide variety of shopping material and has a lot of shops selling all kinds of things required to be in a beach. Coming to Goa I’m not going to Calangute is a waste. Calangute has a lot of bakeries which serves delicious goodies. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. Calangute is definitely a visit you have to make when in Goa. Even the Beach is extremely bright and beautiful. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.





Panji is the beautiful capital of Goa and is one of the main cities here. Panji has a lot of beautiful churches and monuments to see. This is the city where Vijay Mallya used to own a villa in. In the water surrounding Panaji there is the only gambling casino that India has that is Deltin. Panaji also has ferry rides which are extremely fun and entertaining and is an experience that you should definitely feel. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. People of Panji very nice and open and accepting. The food here is the best and Panaji also has a variety of nice restaurants. Panaji should definitely be on the top of your list while visiting Goa. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.





           If you can properly disclose the delights of Goa, you can probably understand what the phrase “Heaven on earth means” and there is no other way to taste it than in Anjuna, the queen of all Beaches. The sunsets are a beauty in Anjuna. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. You just cannot get Anjuna wrong. Anjuna has a rocky beach and has a very beautiful view. It also has a variety of restaurants facing the beautiful rocky beach. So add this beautiful beach to your list. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.




    Baga is one of the other beache that resembles Calangute. The beach is extremely beautiful and is very commercial. It is mainly visited by the foreign tourists and as well as the Indian tourists. Bagga has a unique feature of having very many beautiful restaurants and also mainstream eating joints like pizza hut. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. Bagga is the Beach you should hit if you have come to Goa to see the party life here. Baga also offers a variety of range of watersports as well as water rides in the right season. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.




       Colva why is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. It has a lot of shacks facing the sea and real good food accompanied with a wide range of watersports and sea rides. Colva isn’t an extremely commercial Beach but is visited by the majority of the tourists. Colva has a lot of good joints to eat good food and enjoy the environment itself. Experience Goa with HolidayBookie. Coming in Colva will give you a very homely feeling and will leave you peaceful in mind. This is the beach that should be on the top of your list and also a beach you can stay in the entire trip of Goa. Find the best Goa Tour and Holiday packages here.


Language: Konkani in the Devanagari script the sole official language of Goa, but provides that Marathi may also be used “for all or any of the official purposes”. Portuguese was the sole official language during Portuguese colonial rule.


Religion: Christianity is the second major religious grouping in Goa. while 66% are Hindu.


Must Visit Places: Agonda, Dudhsagar, Calangute, Panaji, Colva, Baga, Aguada Palolem.


Best time to visit: October to February


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