Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh : The essence of Incredible India

Andhra Pradesh, state in southern India, bordered on the south by Tamil Nadu state, on the west by Karnataka state, on the north and northwest by Maharashtra state, on the northeast by Madhya Pradesh and Orissa states, and on the east by the Bay of Bengal. The Eastern Ghats mountains run the length of the state. East of the mountains lies the coastal plain ; to the west of the mountains is the upland Telangana Plateau. Andhra Pradesh is crossed by several rivers, most importantly the Godavari and Krishna. The alluvial soils laid down by these rivers are highly fertile when irrigated and have made Andhra Pradesh one of India’s leading agricultural areas.

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Language: The languages of state administration are English, telugu, Udru, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada.

Religion: regardless Andhra Pradesh are predominantly Hindu, Muslims and buddhism. However, of their religious segments, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhism Andhra Pradesh mingle with each other socially.

Must Visit Places: Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, Prakasam Barrage, Bhavani Island, Victoria Museum, Kondapalli Fort, KolleruLake.

Best time to Visit: October to April