West Bengal

West Bengal : Best Bengal

It is a state that has seen it all – the sprightly Dravidians who reigned 4000 years ago to the red colored battle grounds of Plassey and then the British Raj and the ricochet of Swadeshi (independence) that still paints the walls of this state with red coloured Communism. Every thing is different here. The people in their ‘Dhoti-Kurta’ style shimmering true ‘Bonediyana’ (opulence), The food that relishes the taste buds until the fishy fragrance evaporates from the palate, a language that is as sweet as honey, a literature that will make you cry by moonlight coupled with the zeal that ignites fire in every soul. It is a place that goes fervent about football as about politics, people who are as enthusiastic in their religious festivities as in celebrating their bards. Wow, this is a place that will give you a vacation from all your dreams. Because, West Bengal, ‘The Queen of All’ is a dream in itself.

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Language: Bengal will now have as many as six “second official” languages, she announced on Thursday. English and Bengali are the two official (presumably, first official) languages of the state. To these will be added Urdu, Gurmukhi, Nepali, Ol-Chiki, Oriya and Hindi.

Religion:71.00% of west Bengal populated is Hinduism And Other religion.

Must Visit Places: Kanchenjunga Mountain (Darjeeling) , Belur Math Shrine (Belur) , Eden Gardens (Kolkata) ,Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park(Darjeeling).

Best time to Visit: October to March