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Karnataka, the land of definitive natural beauty and wealthy cultural heritage is placed in the Southern India, enclosed by Maharashtra and Goa in the north, Andhra Pradesh on the east and Tamil Nadu and Kerala on the south. Karnataka tourism includes the whole lot that allures holidaymakers. The immaculate beach resorts, hill stations, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, remarkable temples, palaces and ancient historical monuments and plush malls indicate the variety and opulence of the attractions that Karnataka state bestows on its tourists.

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Karnataka Tour Packages

Originally named State Of Mysore, Karnataka is the south west state in India. Formed in November 1956, it has its biggest city Banglore as its capital, that was previously known as Bengaluru. This beautiful state has – Goa, The Arabian Sea, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala as its borders. The magnificent state of Karnataka covers almost 6% of India’s geographical area and is the seventh largest state. Kannada, the official spoken language here and also the largest. It has 30 districts and ranks 8th in population. It has an impressive 76% literacy rate. Its state animal is Asian elephant, bird is the Indian Roller and flower is Sandalwood.
The main river of this state is Krishna and its tributaries. Almost all of these these rivers reach the sea to Bay Of Bengal. Holidaybookie makes sure that you experience all of it. The word Karnataka comes from a word in Kannada language, which is karu nãdu which roughly translates to elevated land. It could also mean black region as a reference to the black cotton soil of this state. The British sometimes used the word Carnatic to define this state and also the region. With aesthetics that date back to to almost stone age, this great state use to have the most courageous and brave rulers in all land. This state has very much contributed to both Carnatic and Hindustani Traditions a lot throughout India. Find out Karnataka Tour Packages and Karnataka holiday packages from here.


                 Karnataka’s history dates way back to the Palaeolithic period with hand axe culture. The gold found in the Harappan Dynasty were from mines of Karnataka. Scholars write about a time when there was contracts between Karnataka and the Indus Valley civilisation. Ahead of third century BC Karnataka was under the Nanda Empire after which came the Mauryan empire of the great emperor Ashoka. Choose Holidaybookie for the best experiences. Then for four centuries it was the Satavahana rule, which led them control over many parts of Karnataka. Much later from that, Karnataka was ruled by the Nizam of Hyderabad, the Maratha Empire and this was ended by the British. Great Emperors like Tipu Sultan fought in the Anglo-Mysore war to take over the land from the British Raj. This all lead an important role in Karnataka’s strong manufacturing and industrialisation base.Find out Karnataka Tour Packages and Karnataka holiday packages from here.

Karnataka has three geographical zones  namely coastal region of Karavali, the hilly Malenadu of Western Ghats and a part of Deccan Plateau.  The highest point in Karnataka is the Mullayanagiri Hills which is about 6329 feet high. Some important rivers are Kaveri, Krishna, Tungabhadra, Malaprabha and Sharavathi. There are a large number of dams and reservoirs in Karnataka which adds to the irrigation system and the hydel Power generation of the state. Karnataka has four seasons which are January to February winter, March to May summer, June to September monsoon, post-monsoon comes from October to December. Around 20% of the state is covered in Forest which are name under reserved, protected, unclosed, Village and private forests. The percentage of forest cover in the state is slightly less than the prescribed amount of forest that should be covered in a state in India.

Air transport in Karnataka is an expanding sector. It has 2 International airport and 7 domestic airports. Karnataka has a huge railway system and has railway track that covers a proxy 3089 km. Karnataka has 11 ports. By water you can enter Karnataka by new Mangalore Port. The total length of the National Highway is a proxy 9830 km which proves that Karnataka has a huge national highway system. Discover Bangalore with Holidaybookie. The KSRTC is a state transportation which is widely used by the locals here, it has its headquarters in Bangalore. Find out Karnataka Tour Packages and Karnataka holiday packages from here.

Place’s to see in Karnataka


Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. It’s very widely known for being the tech capital of India as well as for its nightlife and parks. The Cubbon Park, Vidhana Soudha is a Neo-Dravidian legislative building. The royal residences has 19th-century Bangalore Palace and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. Krishnarajendra Market is an extremely beautiful and famous market of Bangalore. It had over a variety of things from fruits, flowers and fashionable garments. Experience Krishnarajendra Market with Holidaybookie. The Bannerghatta Biological Park is home to tigers, lions and elephants. The iconic Iskcon Temple is also worth a visit.


Mysore also known as Mysuru, used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore. In its center of this beautiful city is Mysore Palace which used to seat of the former ruling Wodeyar dynasty. The palace has an authentic blend of Hindu, Islamic, Gothic and Rajput styles. Mysore is also home to the centuries-old Market, filled with spices, silk and sandalwood.
The Jaganmohan Palace is an Wodeyar structure in traditional Hindu style and definitely worth a visit. Philomena’s Church is also very beautiful, featuring 53m-tall twin spires. The Chamundi Hills that is outside the city has the Chamundeshwari Temple is believed to date back to the 12th century. At the base of Chamundi Hills, is Karanji Lake which has a lot of habitat for numerous bird species. Find out Karnataka Tour Packages and Karnataka holiday packages from here.


Bijapur popularly known as Vijayapura is the capital of the Bijapur District. This city is very famously known for its monuments and historic buildings that stood tall in the Adil Shahi dynasty. Bijapur is 530 km far from Bangalore. It has the Gol Gumbaz which is a spectacular tomb of Mohammed Adil Shahi and features a very beautiful gallery. Then there is Fort Bijapur which stands tall is a beautiful sight. October is the best time to go to Bijapur. Come experience Bijapur with Holidaybookie.


 Badami also know as as Vapati used to be the regal capital of the Badami Chalukyas dynasty. It is very popularly known for its rock cut temples. Experience Badami with HolidayBookie. It had the very beautiful Badami Cave temples that is a very beautiful sight to see. There are a lot of beautiful temples here. Badami is a very beautiful place and a very religious place. Badami is a must visit. Find out Karnataka Tour Packages and Karnataka holiday packages from here.


Hampi is a small beautiful village in the state of Karnataka. It has a tons of temples from the Vijayanagara Empire. There is a beautiful River Tungabhadra which has the 7th-century Hindu Virupaksha Temple. There is also the magnificent Hampi Bazar. A carved stone chariot stands tall and beautiful in this place. Daroji Bear Sanctuary is an scenic place and has a lot of Indian Sloth bear. The elephants stable in this beautiful place is an amazing sight and is a must see. Find out Karnataka Tour Packages and Karnataka holiday packages from here.


Chitradurga is a beautiful city which is the headquarters of Chitradurga district and is located on the valley of the Vedavati river in state of Karnataka. It is located about 200 km from the state capital Bangalore. Experience Chitradurga with HolidayBookie. It has the beautiful Chitradurga Fort that is a must visit. The battery which is a watch point and is an epic location to see all of this place once. You can see wonderful sunsets here. Find out Karnataka Tour Packages and Karnataka holiday packages from here.


Malpe is India’s natural port in Udupi, Karnataka. It is an extremely important port and is very famous for fishing. Malpe Beach is extremely beautiful and with blue water and clear beach, this place is a treat. Malpe Beach is very gorgeous and is a must visit here. There is St. Mary’s Island here that is a definite visit. The atmosphere is very comforting and peaceful here and it is a must visit for all. Find out Karnataka Tour Packages and Karnataka holiday packages from here.

Coorg/ Ooty

Coorg is an extremely beautiful hill station in the beautiful surrounding of Karnataka. It has an amazing weather always and is very famous for its coffee. Coffee is grown in a very big scale here and you should tour the coffee garden. Furthermore it’s famous for its gothic styled churches. Come Experience Coorg with HolidayBookie. There is also the beautiful Raja’s Tomb, a burial place of Kodava kings, and cascading Abbi Falls that will leave you mesmerised. Raja’s Tomb, a burial place of Kodava kings, and cascading Abbi Falls. Ooty is also a very beautiful hill station, it has very beautiful artificial lake which is a treat for the eyes. There is also a very beautiful gardens here. Find out Karnataka Tour Packages and Karnataka holiday packages from here.


Nagarahole is a National Park also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National park. In Mysore district of Karnataka. It is a tiger reserve and is an extremely beautiful place. This is a beautiful place to just come and relax. The beautiful scenery of this place will put in an enchanting aura. Find out Karnataka Tour Packages and Karnataka holiday packages from here.


Kabini is one of the most beautiful and scenic wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. It used to be a hunting ground for the Britishers before and is now enjoyed by all of the public. This destination has a lot of flora and fauna and also is extremely Biodiverse. This place is a must visit for all the nature lovers. People come from all around the world to see this beautiful wildlife sanctuarie, which have many different species of animals, especially birds. Come experience holiday packages and tours for Kabini with HolidayBookie.


Bandipur is a national park in the state of Karnataka. It is an protected Forest reserve. It is very well known for its tiger population and also as being a hunting ground for the great emperors of Mysore before. Out of the many animals that you can see here that the maharajas used to hunt, some of these animals are, the Great Indian elephant, bison, spotted deer, Antelopes and many other species.  This National Park also has the 14th century old temple which also gives you a 360 view of the whole place. Find out Karnataka Tour Packages and Karnataka holiday packages from here.

Karnataka is an extremely beautiful state with an extraordinary culture. At one place it is the IT hub to the other it has enchanting hill stations Holidaybookie will give you best experience of this. Karnataka has a lot of historical monuments that helps you get in touch with our country. Karnataka will leave you happy, content and gleeful, when you take this trip. Come experience this magic called Karnataka.

Language: Kannada is the official language of Karnataka and spoken as a native language.

Religion: Religion in Karnataka has played a very important role in shaping modern Indian religions and philosophy. Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are the main religions from state.

Must Visit Places: Hampi, Mysore, Halebid, Badami, Bangalore, Mangalore, Gokarna, Medikeri, Nandi hills.

Best time to Visit: November to April


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