Jharkhand : A New Experience

People visit Jharkhand not just to visit other places, but other times. The past is implausibly attractive, and unarguably genuine. If someone seek legitimacy or cultural roots and long traditions that bring together past to present. It is your befitting alternative to the corporate present. Walk through some of the places described, and see again the stone and spirit of a land as ancient as time. One will never lose your intellect of awe, and the element of surprise will give their company every step of the way.The cultural mosaic of Jharkhand was dreamt about, shaped and polished by generations of communities, which have inhabited this land since time immemorial.

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Language: Hindi and English are the two major languages in Jharkhand. Hindi is the official language of the state. Bhojpuri, Khortha, Oriya, Urdu, Sadri, Bengali and Angika are some of the other languages spoken in Jharkhand.

Religion: 67.8% of Jharkhand is population is Hinduism. While Islam Make around 14.5% And Christianity 4.3% of population. Other religion consist 12.8% of state population.

Must Visit Places: Jamshedpur, Deoghar, Ranchi,Jamshedpur

Best time to Visit: October to February