Haryana : A Pioneer on Highway Tourism

Haryana State speciality Highway Tourism. It is one of the emergent state of India. One can find an assortment of tourist attractions in Haryana.Haryana Tourism Corporationruns and maintains 44 Tourist Complexes spread across the state. Haryana Tourism also organises and hosts SurajKund Internation Craft Mela (Fair). Heritage Tourism, Pilgrimage Tourism and Weekend Tourism are some specialty of state tourism.

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Language: The localite speak Haryanvi language, Where as Hindi is much common in this state.

Religion: 87.45% of population is Hindus . While Islam make around 7.03% of population .The remaining population consist of Sikhs.

Must Visit Places: Chadigarh, Gurgaon, Thanesar, Kurukshetra, Panipat, Ambala, Pinjore.

Best time to Visit: Anytime